New Year, New Blog!

I was feeling like my blog needed a new look to reflect the new year and the changes in my class room! 

We are having a great start and we have already learned so much in just a few weeks! 

6th and 8th grade math students just finished up with their first chapter test and everyone is doing great work toward meeting math standards for their grade level. 

6th grade science students are well into our rock and mineral unit, we have learned about properties and we have made observations, we have also worked some on research strategies for upcoming projects. We will be learning about one of those projects this week, for the months of October and November we will be following a researcher from the University of Maine while she does research in Antarctica!! Be sure to ask your child all about it! Here is a video explaining more about it! 

7th grade science students are learning about cells and cell theory, they are currently researching scientists who contributed to cell theory. We all enjoyed investigating specimens they collected under the microscopes and learning how to use the microscopes. We all had a lot of fun looking at all the old prepared slides I have too :) 

8th grade science students are learning about energy types and transformations and we have started working on our big project....but I can't say too much more on that because it is a secret....I can say that it is connected to our learning about energy!!!! 


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