Cruising Through!

I can't believe how fast the last couple of months have gone by!!! We have been busy in all of our science classes, 6th grade science students are wrapping up our rocks and minerals unit, our next unit is erosion and deposition. In 7th grade science we have continued our study of cells and we are currently learning and rapping about plant and animal cells! 8th grade students are working on their big project connected with our study of energy. 

In the last week or so all VCS middle school science students have had the opportunity to "BREAK OUT" of our Breakout EDU boxes. We worked together problem solving and I am happy to report all groups were successful. I am currently working on a Breakout connected to the standards for our rocks and minerals unit :) 

I have enjoyed all the fun we have had while learning in all of my classes, keep up the GREAT work VCS students!!!! 


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