Busy Times in the Batcave!

As is the case with every new school year, September is a time for getting back into our routines and learning new things....in the classroom and about each other!

I have enjoyed getting to know my new students and catching up with all my old students!

6th grade science students are deep into learning about rocks and minerals. Students have learned how to identify different properties to determine which minerals are in different rocks. they are currently working on their individual projects of exploring rock formation in detail.

7th grade science students are learning all about cells. Students have been using microscopes to learn more about cells, we have done some activities and investigations to learn about organelles and the functions. last week students completed a vocabulary study project where they chose their own
individual project to demonstrate understanding.

8th grade science students are learning about chemistry. Students have learned about atoms, elements, and they have worked with the periodic table. Last week they worked on identifying unknown liquids and solids.

Stay tuned for more news from the Batcave!!


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