Atoms, Kayaking, Modeling the Rock Cycle, and Math Puzzles.....Lots of Fun & Learning!!!

8th grade students have been learning about the basics concepts in chemistry 
It has been a great opportunity to "play" with our HappyAtoms set to learn more about different elements! 

7th grade students enjoyed a great day of kayaking with our 5th grade friends. 
We learned safety and paddling skills and we learned some new jokes from the facilitators of the Maine Outdoor Education Program! 

 7th grade math students have been introduced to one of my favorite math activities, Math Puzzles! 
It is a cross-number puzzle much like a crossword but with math! It has turned into a classroom favorite, they work on computation and math vocabulary skills while working together!! 

6th grade is wrapping up our rocks and minerals unit, we modeled the rock cycle with Starburst candies and they are currently working on a rock research project, we will be taking our unit test in the next week. 


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